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Theft charges cover a broad range of possible offenses, from charges that can result in a fine to others that can put a defendant behind bars for a lengthy sentence if they are convicted. The Katy theft lawyers at Cory Roth Law Office are prepared to utilize an equally wide range of possible legal defense strategies on behalf of defendants.

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Theft Charges in Texas

Theft can be anything from a Class C misdemeanor to a 1st-degree felony, depending on the value of the property stolen. Once the value of property allegedly stolen reaches $1,500, it passes into felony territory.

All felonies have minimum jail sentences that come with conviction, although judges can still exercise quite a bit of discretion in exactly how much jail time. For example, theft charges on property valued between $20,000 and $100,00 can result in a second-degree felony. If convicted, the prison term can be as little as two years or as long as twenty years.

It’s important to note that in the Texas legal system, theft is different from two other crimes that it’s often associated with–burglary and robbery. A theft charge simply says that a person took property that does not belong to them. Burglary charges require the defendant to have trespassed onto someone else’s property to commit the crime. Robbery charges mean the use of force was involved.

Theft charges have serious consequences, but the attorneys at Cory Roth Law Office will fight hard with all the tools available in our legal toolbox. Call our Katy office at (713) 322-5733 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

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Defense Strategies Against Theft Charges

The following are just a few examples of the ways a Katy theft lawyer might seek to gain their client’s acquittal when facing a jury…

  • Lack of criminal intent: Mistakes are not crimes and it’s up to the prosecution to prove that not only did the defendant take the property in question, but that they knew it wasn’t theirs to take. Perhaps property was temporarily left with a defendant who then forgot they had it in their possession. The prosecution has to show that this wasn’t forgetfulness, but willful intent. That’s not an easy legal bar for a prosecutor to clear.
  • There was appropriate due diligence: This can apply when the charges involve receiving or purchasing stolen property. It is similar to the lack of intent defense, but goes one step deeper. The lawyer seeks to demonstrate that the defendant did everything a reasonable person would have been expected to do to ensure they were purchasing “clean” property.
  • Defendant was under duress: Was there undue pressure coming from another source to take the property? Perhaps a defendant was facing blackmail or some other type of threat to steal property. Evidence in support of the defendant might include threatening correspondence or witness testimony. The Katy theft attorney will need to further show that the duress the defendant cites is credible and would have been felt by any reasonable person facing the same circumstances.
  • Defendant returned the property: This really isn’t a “defense” per se, since returning the stolen property amounts to an admission of guilt. It also doesn’t require the prosecutor to drop the charges. Having said that, a defendant who proactively returns stolen property can build themselves some goodwill with both the prosecutor (who has a large number of cases to pick from in deciding which ones to try) or the judge (who may prefer to avoid filling up prisons with someone who clearly regrets what they did). There’s no guarantee it will work as a defense strategy, but it certainly won’t hurt .

Cory Roth Law Office takes seriously our obligation to fight hard for every defendant’s rights and freedom. Two realities of our criminal justice system are this–innocent people get charged, and good people make mistakes. They both deserve a fair trial and true fairness should mean having an attorney that doesn’t prejudge defendants. We’ll give you the defense the U.S. Constitution promises. 

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