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The property a person owns covers everything from physical property to assets that may be intangible. The possible property crimes are broad, and therefore Texas law is as well. A Katy property crimes lawyer must be prepared to defend clients on charges that may crisscross into several different areas of criminal law.

At Cory Roth Law Office we know that not everyone charged with a crime is guilty and that everyone, no matter what they may or may not have done, deserves the vigorous defense and fair trial that our justice system is built on. From our Katy office, we serve people throughout Fort Bend County and Harris County. Call today at (713) 322-5733 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

4 Examples of Property Crimes in Texas

Property crimes, broadly speaking, are defined by the Texas criminal code as anything that involves stealing, damaging, or destroying the tangible or intangible property of someone else. This broad definition is called criminal mischief. There are as many possible ways this can come about as there are people and types of property, but here are four common examples…

  • Breaking & Entering: A B&E charge doesn’t require anything to actually be taken. The simple act of entering someone else’s property without permission is a crime in itself. If property is actually taken, then charges of burglary can follow.
  • Arson: Starting a fire with the intent to damage or destroy property can result in arson charges. For arson to be a criminal offense, the prosecutor must prove intent. However, the defendant who did not act with deliberate intent might still be subject to a civil lawsuit if it is shown that they were negligent. That’s one of many reasons defendants should seek an aggressive and committed Katy property crimes lawyer to advocate for them.
  • Vandalism: The physical destruction of property is a crime. Sometimes this happens when people act in groups. A person that might have tried to stop the vandalism could get swept up in the charges. This might be shown in court through witness testimony, text messages or anything else where the defendant sought to stop the action that others ended up taking.
  • Fraud: People might not think of something like overstating income to obtain a mortgage or line of credit as a property crime, but it can fall into this category. Another example that people may not be aware of is an adult misstating their age for the purposes of soliciting a minor. This action can lead to other charges, including sex crimes, but it is also a property crime.

Charges of property crimes place a defendant at risk of jail time, a mark on their permanent record and the loss of reputation in their community. The good news is that there are viable defenses available to them. Cory Roth Law Office explores all avenues of defense. Call our Katy office today at (713) 322-5733 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

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4 Possible Defenses for Property Crimes

Defense strategies can generally start with the basic proposition that the prosecution must have beyond a reasonable doubt proof of the defendant’s guilt. But even in the event that the prosecution has good evidence of the defendant’s actions, there are still viable defenses under Texas law.

  • Justification: Was the action undertaken for the sake of a greater good?
  • Duress: Was the defendant pressured into taking the criminal action? For this defense to work, the duress must be sufficient that a reasonable person facing the same circumstances would have felt threatened.
  • Renunciation: In our discussion of vandalism above, the person who tries to stop the crime, while still being with the group is using the renunciation defense .
  • Reasonable Belief: Sometimes things really are misunderstandings. Did a person accused of breaking and entering have a reasonable belief that the owner wanted them to enter the property? If so, that is a valid defense.

It’s worth noting that in using any of the four defenses above, the defense is tacitly acknowledging that the alleged criminal action did in fact take place. That means the burden of proof shifts to the defendant to demonstrate justification, duress, renunciation, or reasonable belief. But with a committed Katy property crimes attorney, these defenses can be viable.

Cory Roth Law Office was built on the basic principle that every defendant should have a lawyer zealously committed to their acquittal and prepared to aggressively investigate and pursue all possible avenues to make that happen. 

Call our office today at (713) 322-5733 or contact us online to set up a consultation.


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