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There is no criminal charge that places a defendant in more jeopardy than that of murder. In the state of Texas, it can result in the death penalty. Prosecutors often face immense public pressure to get convictions and may be tempted to do whatever it takes to persuade a jury to find defendants guilty. The Katy murder defense lawyer must be zealous in their commitment to the defendant, determined in pressuring the prosecution to provide real evidence of its case and passionate in making the defense case for the jury.

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  • Harris County Felony Dismissal Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon
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Cory Roth Law Office believes the tragedy of murder only gets worse when the wrong person goes to jail. We believe in innocence until proven guilty and we aim to make prosecutors meet the high legal burden of proving their case beyond a reasonable doubt. If you or someone you love is in the sights of the District Attorney, call our Katy office for help. We serve clients across all of Fort Bend County and Harris County and are available at (713) 322-5733 or online.

Types of Murder Charges in Texas

The term “murder” is often used to describe any act where one person is accused of taking the life of another. A straight murder charge means the prosecution is alleging that the defendant acted willingly in taking someone’s life, or at the very least acted willingly in undertaking a dangerous action that resulted in someone’s death. 

An example of the latter might be a person who is charged with killing someone while in the process of committing another crime. They might not have set out expecting to take a life, but the original action undertaken was done so willingly and knowingly. This can result in a murder charge being brought in addition to the charge for the original crime.

The circumstances surrounding the alleged murder determine what the degree of murder the prosecution can bring. A 1st-degree murder charge can mean life imprisonment. A 2nd-degree murder charge has a max sentence of 20 years in jail and could go as low as 2 years.

That’s a big difference and depending on the quality of evidence the prosecution has, a Katy murder defense lawyer can consult with their client on the options for plea bargaining down to a lower charge. Of course, if the prosecution doesn’t have quality evidence or obtained that evidence illegally (i.e., searches done without a warrant), then the lawyer and defendant may well choose to go for all-out acquittal.

There are three other ways that murder can be classified in the Texas legal system…


This involves deaths where the prosecution concedes the defendant did not act willingly and knowingly, but still acted recklessly. A common example would be driving too fast in a neighborhood where children play outdoors. A DUI charge can turn into manslaughter if tragedy results.

Negligent Homicide

A charge of negligent homicide means the prosecution believes the death might have been avoided if the defendant would have acted reasonably. Unlike manslaughter, where the defendant is accused of being reckless, this charge involves simple negligence. An example might be seeing a neighbor keeled over their driveway and not acting to see if they were all right. If a prosecutor can prove that a reasonable person would have noticed the neighbor in distress and acted, that the death could have been prevented, there is a case for negligent homicide. The defense attorney will rightly insist the prosecution prove both the negligence and that the negligence is the reason for the tragedy.

Capital Murder

This is where the death penalty can be sought. Specific conditions must exist for a capital murder charge to be filed. The killing of a police officer would be one such condition. So would killing done for money or to escape prison.

Murder is a tragedy that destroys families and leaves communities grieving. It’s important to remember though, that the tragedy of the event is only compounded if the wrong person is convicted of the crime. Cory Roth Law Office is committed to making sure that those accused of this terrible crime get the kind of defense they need to clear their good name and get their life back. 

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