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Troubled relationships are not uncommon and one tragic consequence can be when an emotionally charged situation ends up in violence. Our society is rightly outraged by the crime itself. But our society–including prosecutors and juries–might wrongly leap to the wrong conclusion about the guilt of the defendant. A Katy domestic violence lawyer must be unyielding in the face of pressure and committed to giving their client the vigorous defense that fairness and justice demand.

Cory Roth Law Office was founded on the principle that defendants deserve the right to be believed. Simply being charged with a crime doesn’t mean you are guilty. From our Katy office, we serve clients throughout Fort Bend County and Harris County. Call today at (713) 322-5733 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

What Is Considered Domestic Violence in Texas?

Assault and sex crimes are the common offenses associated with domestic violence. These are crimes regardless of who the victim is. What allows a crime to be considered domestic violence is the relationship between the victim and the defendant.

When the defendant is a spouse or ex-spouse of the victim, domestic violence charges can be filed. The same goes if the defendant and victim had a past or present romantic relationship. Children and foster children of defendants can be victims of domestic violence. The same goes for any relatives. And regardless of familial or romantic relationship, anyone living under the same roof as the defendant can be considered a victim of domestic violence.

Once a crime is classified as domestic violence, a prosecutor can seek to enhance the charges, meaning defendants may face stiffer penalties if they are convicted.

Domestic Violence Penalties Under Texas Law

Is domestic violence a felony in Texas? Not always.

The state of Texas has three different levels of misdemeanors. The charge of C misdemeanor is the lowest on the ladder and the maximum penalty is a $500 fine. Class A & B charges hold out at least the possibility of jail time.

There are also three degrees of felony charges. Once a charge becomes a felony there are minimum prison sentences attached to conviction. Even a 3rd-degree felony conviction can get a defendant a minimum of 2 years in prison. As prosecutors go further up the ladder, a 1st-degree felony has the possibility of life behind bars.

The broad range of possible penalties makes the quality of a Katy domestic violence lawyer more important. Even in cases where a defendant has large amounts of evidence against them, there is room for a firm and aggressive defense lawyer to negotiate and plea bargain. And when there is not compelling evidence, the broad range of penalties make it even more imperative that the defense attorney not flinch in seeking acquittal.

Is Emotional Abuse Domestic Violence in Texas?

There are forms of emotional abuse, such as threats, which you can be charged for; however, not all of what can be considered emotional abuse is illegal.

Your defense lawyer must not only know Texas domestic violence laws, but they must also have a fighting spirit that won’t back down from prosecutors. Cory Roth Law office has both a deep background in law and the competitive nature that our clients rely on. Call our office at (713) 322-5733 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

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How To Defend Against Domestic Violence Charges

The first thing defendants have to remember is this–it’s the prosecution’s job to prove guilt. No matter how much a community, neighborhood–even family members–may have turned against a defendant, the burden of proof is always on the prosecution. The defendant is innocent until proven otherwise. A prosecutor’s  proof must be beyond a reasonable doubt. And there must be unanimity among a 12-person jury that the prosecution’s case does indeed meet that standard of proof.

All of which is to say the prosecution has a lot of work to do and a good Katy domestic violence defense attorney is there to keep applying the pressure. Does the case boil down to one person’s word against the other? Are there character witnesses that will speak on behalf of the defendant? Can a defendant prove they were someone else at the time of the alleged incident? These are just a handful of strategies that can be compelling to a jury.

Facing charges for domestic violence can seem hopeless, especially given the personal relationship the defendant has with the victim. Cory Roth Law Office is here to provide hope for defendants. We believe in our clients, we and we fight for them. 

Call our office at (713) 322-5733 or contact us online to set up a consultation, and learn how to drop domestic violence charges in Texas.


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